This is IGAD (International Game Architecture and Design) is a game project focused on emanating the project-based learning experience of our study. Use teamwork, communication and reflection to improve throughout your first school year.

ROLE(S): UI/UX Design, Graphic Design
EDUCATION: 2nd year Game Design

UI/UX Design & Graphics

UI/UX Design

  • Researching reference games and school documentation.

  • Creating wireframes and mockups.

  • Designing and implementing all UI animations.

  • Communicating UI implementation with tech design and programming.

graphic design

  • Creating a familiar art style for UI by combining elements from school web design. Current style is based on our former educational hub Straightjacket tweaked to be more playful with softer edges and vibrant colors.

  • Creating all UI assets.

  • Staging characters, animations, and props from the art team to extract UI assets.

  • Discussing art affordance for UI assets, work stations and items with the art team.