Captain Starshot is a rogue-like dungeon crawler in which you play as the mighty Captain himself! You explore the galaxy with your own space crew and start your mission to defeat the hordes of aliens.

Find their mother ship and take on their leader.

ROLE(S): UI/UX Design, Visual Scripting
EDUCATION: 3rd year Game Design

UI/UX Design & Tech


  • Design & testing for all UI elements and screen feedback to support the flow within and between game states.

  • Design & implementation of all UI feedback, screen effects, UI animations, material animations and placeholder sound effects.

  • Creation of technical UI art (Crosshair).

  • Communicating work priorities and updates to Producer and Design Lead.

  • Communicating UI/UX needs & designs with respective feature owners.

  • Discussing graphic design needs with UI artist.


  • Responsible for the final tech behind all UI/UX systems.

  • Majority of UI/UX systems created from scratch.

  • Reworked a few UI/UX systems to improve optimization, modularity, and enhance feedback structures.