Rail Recon

DEVELOPMENT: 8 weeks, 12 students, released January 2018

Rail recon is an on-rail shooter, where you have to navigate through the levels to collect crystals that lead you deeper into the tunnel.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Level Design, General Design

  • Combing puzzle and action moments in levels

  • Initial art pass for all levels

Crafting Onboarding moments

Joining the team 4 weeks into development, I was tasked to design levels combining existing action oriented gameplay created by the enemies, and new puzzle elements provided by the rotators, doors, and buttons.

Initial Art pass

With little art manpower, I helped out by providing initial art passes for all levels. This meant placing walls, floors and rocks around the level.



Clarity of roles and responsibilities

We struggled to address vacant roles (project manager), our individual responsibilities, and how those affected the responsibilities of other individuals.

That lack of clarity resorted in inefficient feature production due to dependencies stacking up. Additionally, vague goals provided a poor incentive to provide proper feature sets for every deadline.


Frequent Testing

Testing needs to be performed frequently. Even if content is filled with placeholders.

Releasing on steam

My first experience releasing a game on steam, collectively going through the procedures required to make it public.