Immersion enhanced through Diegetic UI


DEVELOPMENT: 3 weeks, 7 people, finished December 2017

Stirring the mix in the cauldron with one hand, and a bottle in the other, Alchemisery uses this custom controller to have you brew deadly mixtures of the requested toxicity.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Product Owner, System Design, UI/UX Design

  • Providing direction for the team

  • Designing the core system alongside other two designers

  • Clarifying player tools, progression and goal through UI/UX

Work Highlights


Immersing the player through controls and diegetic UI

Designing to enhance the immersive gameplay feel provided by our custom controller by opting for diegetic UI as opposed to regular screen UI.

The book provides guidelines for navigating the toxicity levels on the left page, whilst the right page shows the goal: a potion colored in the desired toxicity.

Ingredients surround the cauldron are highlighted once they have been selected with the custom controller.



Challenges & Lessons learned

Short development time

This project was the first of a series of short 2-3 week projects. Prior to this project we had only been working on 8 week projects, thus we had to adjust our workflow to accommodate the short development time.

For the design team, we had difficulty prioritizing for that short time span. Too much time was spent early on researching and designing for quantity of features, while

we should have focused purely on simple designs for one or two features, better communication with programmers to enhance implementation speed, and testing & iterating on gameplay.

Custom controller: Bottle with tilt and button controls, cauldron with stirring controls

Custom Controller

We had never worked on a custom controller project before. The first difficulty we faced was concepting for an interesting controller. We wanted something that could offer depth, while remaining feasible for our short development time.

The other difficulty was that only few people could work on custom controller related features at a time. We split up tasks on designing the controller, collecting the materials, creating the bottle, creating gameplay functionality, and creating controller functionality.